Ruth Carden is a professional photographer specialising in private, commercial, archival works and lifestyle portraiture, based in Ireland.

Additionally, she is a qualified zoologist with a particular focus in deer ecology and management, and a zooarchaeologist identifying animal bone remains from the past 80,000 years.

Ruth loves the variety of her working life and uses her skills in a wide range of photographic projects - whether it's a family portrait, a record of an archaeological dig or work for a commercial exhibition.

She adored black and white photography from the minute she created her own darkroom for B&W film when she was a teenager - immediately becoming hooked on the development and enlargement of her own prints.

Black and white photography captures the pure essence of a scene and a person, and lays it bare to see. Colour has its place, but black and white is special.

Her first exhibition shared with two other photographers, is on the celebration of the craftsmanship of The Chapel members of the National Print Museum, Dublin, July - December 2020.


Ruth's work focuses on capturing a moment in time, whether it's portraiture, lifestyle imagery, commercial imagery or just the perfect light. Everyone has a story to tell and she wants to capture it in an image that connects and is contemplative.

Ruth photographs lifestyle portraiture for commercial and private clients within a relaxed atmosphere.

She has completed commissioned projects for numerous clients, including exhibition photography for the Central Bank of Ireland, the National Museum of Ireland and the National Print Museum Ireland; archival works for the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland; and environmental portraiture work for The Craftsmanship Initiative (San Francisco, America).

Ruth has extensive experience in the handling and photographing of museum artefacts and collections, including archaeological and natural history objects, animal bone fragments from archaeological sites and of course wildlife photography.


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Ruth can provide a bespoke project schedule & costing following discussion of the client's brief.

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